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We are Africa's Destination of Choice, committed to assisting individuals and corporate bodies create Future Financial Freedom through capital investment, business management, and real estate. We innovate around products and services that meet three critical needs of man: land, capital and labour.

Our Solutions

Salary Advance

With this financial product, employees of organizations can assess personal loans in the form of salary advances to meet their immediate financial obligations at the nick of time.

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Sentinel Investment Club

Experience High-yield Investment with 100% Money Back Guarantee With maximum of two (2) months payment plan, we make it very easy for you to make real estate investments that suit your budget. Whatever the membership option you choose, you are sure to get 100% return on every amount invested.

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Fund Investment

This is an investment product designed for those who want to secure their financial future after retirement. We offer this package with a compound interest [ROI] above 100% of the initial investment sum.

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trade shift

This is business investment education product that allows you to build wealth system through learning. You will be learning from our team of financial experts the system, strategies, and tools for wealth creation.


Thrift Credit

This product is for traders and small business owners who will like to expand their financial options. We provide you with reasonable loans and at low, mouth-watery interest rates.

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4-in-1 InvestmentPLUS:

This is a monthly investment scheme that allows customers to build sustainable wealth through small but consistent investment in stable yielding investment securities.

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“I joined Sentinel about two months ago after I was invited to one of her programs by a church member. Since then I have been convinced that they are reliable and trustworthy. I have invested in DOC GARDENS and FundINVESTMENT. I advise the public to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity. It is guaranteed!”

~ Ihioma Phil Onyele

“I have been dealing with Sentinel for several years now and have found the company to always give me the best advice. To be very honest, I would recommend Sentinel to anyone seeking advice about investing.”

~ Sharon Nnamndi

“My wife and I have moved multiple times over the last 15 years. In that time we have managed numerous real estate agents both on the purchasing and selling side but I need to say that SENTINEL is by a long shot the BEST real estate company we have. The team's polished skill, identity, care, responsiveness, and capacity are outstanding! In case you are purchasing or selling a home, help yourself out and contact Sentinel!”

~ Michael Jordes